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About Us

Born to a single mother, Clyde grew up in the Depression-era, where resilience and character were necessary for survival. The first tequila hand-crafted by a woman. A velvety Irish whisky, blended with 225 years of history..

There’s a fascinating story in every bottle.

We are Conecuh Brands.

All of the premium spirits in our growing portfolio have one thing in common: they’re built around an authentic story, rich with intrigue, charisma, and layers of unique flavors.

Conecuh is a creative incubator, where we strive to develop breakthrough, premium craft brands in a range of robust categories. Everything we design, from flavor profiles to packaging, is interesting, artisanal, exceptional and award winning.

At Conecuh Brands, we embrace people and ideas that are a bit more off the grid, off the beaten path. Our products tend to resonate with people like us, who aren’t afraid of taking chances, sampling new things, living life to the fullest.

If that sounds like you, welcome! You’re in the right place.

Conecuh Brands, LLC
1050 Franklin Ave. Suite 304
Garden City, NY  11530

Our Mission

We are Conecuh Brands.

We are Creators.

We are Storytellers.

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